Fantasy Homecoming Proposals… Seriously?

So, it happened. The words I didn’t see coming. Ever. “You don’t understand. Things aren’t like when you went to school. Things are different now.” Translation: “You are OLD and out of touch.”

I swallowed back my desire to scream, “I’m only 36-years-old! I can bust a move, do the butt, the humpty dance, and you should see my electric slide. I AM NOT OLD!”

Alas, I held my tongue because that is what real adults do when faced with their know-it-all teens. Instead, I asked to see the proof. What the heck is a “homecoming proposal?” Were teenaged boys really going through so much trouble to ask their dates to homecoming? Were teenaged girls really expecting glitz, glam and fancy instagram-ready moments just to be asked to a dance? And not THE PROM, but the lesser of the awkward organized dances — the homecoming?

So, he pulled out his phone and opened up Twitter. There is more than one account devoted to this phenomenon. Search #homecomingproposal and get ready for your mouth to drop. These boys are pulling out the stops with trails of flowers, balloon-filled rooms, signs, teddy bears, flash mobs, etc. Check out exhibits A, B and C below:

Homecoming Proposal 1


homecoming proposal 2

homecoming pic 3


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? These kids still need help with their book reports and science fair projects. Are you telling me that these boys are doing this by themselves? Ha! I smell the dirty work of some Pinterest-loving Moms.

Where was this when I was a teenager? I remember when being asked over the phone — you know the one with the cord that stretches into the upstairs bathroom — left you feeling giddy. I remember when you were dating someone and it was just a given that you would go together. I remember when friends would just go in groups and dance.

When did asking someone to a high school dance become a competitive sport? When did this become a “thing?” And what kind of precedent is this setting? What the heck are these kids’ marriage proposals going to look like?

I know everyone loves a good piece of social media, but seriously?! We are creating monsters!

And yet… And yet, I found myself brainstorming through some ideas with my 15-year-old last night. Yes, that’s right. I HAVE BEEN SUCKED IN! Who doesn’t love a good fantasy proposal?

It’s cute, fun and well, I love the idea of my son WANTING to surprise his “friend.” I love that my son WANTS to make her happy — even if a good part of it is for the benefit of social media and friends. Maybe this will make him a more thoughtful partner one day.

Maybe, this isn’t such a bad thing after all. As long as he remembers that doing things for show and doing things from your heart are two completely different things. It’s all fun and sweet, as long as he is doing it for the right reasons… and the right person.

Oh and as long as he doesn’t put himself on a puzzle. That one is just weird.




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