Listen to Your Child, You May Be Amazed

Talk to your child

Spend some time talking to your children. They can be quite profound if given the chance.

Everyday, I am immersed in a world ruled by young children. The children in my daycare range in age from infants to preschoolers. If there is one thing I have learned, it is never underestimate the profound things that come out of the mouth of these children.

Your toddler or young preschooler may not talk in full sentences yet and sometimes he or she will cry and throw themselves on the floor instead of using words, but  if you take the time and really listen they can communicate in ways that astound.

This week I was working with the two, three, four, and five-year-olds on a project for Mother’s Day. I took them one-by-one to ask “Why Is Your Mommy Special?” What they said told me so much about what they value. I wrote everything down and grouped the answers. I shared their answers in my latest post for DC Metro Mom.

Read Why Mommy Is Special: From The Mouth of Babes to learn what matters most to our children.

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