Do Your Children Save Their Best Worst Behavior For Home?

Is your child a terror at home, but a complete angel in public? Do you wonder why your child always devolves in a puddle after entering your house? Perhaps your child is a “House Devil, Street Angel.”

Out of my four children, one is always testing my patience. For the first four years of his life, I was convinced he would be unruly at school and have behavioral problems. I worried day and night. Then I realized he was only acting this way at home. He is by all accounts a well-behaved child in school. He has never been in trouble or been disrespectful to any authority figure and he is heading into first grade.

It took some time, but I finally realized that his acting out was a sort of compliment – at least this is what helps me sleep at night. It also made me realize that I was the one needing to change.

I write about my experience as a mother and child care provider on this subject in a recent blog post for DC Metro Mom. Please visit Be Proud of Your Little ‘House Devil’ to read more.

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