Moms Who Give Back: Antonisha Bennett Celebrates Life to Defeat Cancer

This week’s Mom Who Gives Back is Antonisha (Nisi) Bennett of Woodbridge, Va. Nisi is a mother to five and owns All Heart CPR Training, which educates parents on emergency preparedness.

Nisi is an advocate for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization, which raises money and pushes for a cure for breast cancer. She dedicated herself to this cause because as a mother she found the idea of children growing up without their mother too personal not to make a promise to fight for an end to breast cancer.

Nisi Bennett fights for a cure for breast cancer

Tell me a little about your family and your All Heart CPR business?

I am the oldest of 11 siblings. I love being their sister. They teach me so much about myself and about raising my 5 kids.

I am mom to the worlds best kids. They are so kind and loving and strong. My oldest son is a senior in high school and wants to study at VCU. My only daughter is 13 and would have to be my athlete. She is confident and strong, two qualities I prayed for in my daughter. My 9-year-old son is just like me. He is my “why” child. He needs to know everything. My 6-year-old son is all heart. He loves everybody. If we go out to eat and the waitress brings us our food, he hugs her and tells her thank you. Finally my 2-year-old, He is all brat! Lets just say that he thinks that he is in charge.

All Heart CPR Training has been a work in process for many years. I fell into the trap of needing a “regular full-time job.” I would teach corporate accounts and for the main training center and occasionally for the medical facility I worked at. I always wanted to teach the very people that really needed the information. Families with children. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs it, but the very people I wanted to reach were not getting it. I decided to focus all of my energy on educating parents in all types of emergency preparedness. So I became a National Safety Counsel Ambassador, FEMA Instructor, National Preparedness Coalition Member, and recently American Heart Association ask me to be an Ambassador for them. I volunteer with Community Emergency Response Team and Virginia’s Medical Reserve Core. I also teach Medication Administration for the state of Virginia. I plan to use all of my training and link them together to provide families the absolute best.

What is the organization/cause you are supporting and why were you inspired to become actively involved and advocate for this cause?

I was asked by a friend to walk the Susan G. Komen a few years ago. I did it just to be her friend and support her. I had seen the videos, and saw the flyer, but I was never personally effected by breast cancer. I completed my first walk and I have been changed ever since. I met some of the most beautiful women. They were strong and passionate and dedicated to taking care of one another. During the walk my friend became ill and could not finish. This was a blessing to me. I was able to have tons of conversations that I would not have had if she was well. I learned about the toll breast cancer takes on families. How it doesn’t just become an illness you go treat, but a fight to live. I started to think about my own family and how my kids would be if I were ever diagnosed, It became personal. I don’t want my children growing up without a mother. I don’t want any child growing up without a mom, sister, wife, daughter, or friend. I decided to commit to Susan G. Komen because it was based on a promise. A promise one sister made to another. To end breast cancer! I could see myself making that same promise. By walking and bringing attention to breast cancer, I am making that same promise to my sisters, aunts, cousins, friends.

How do you balance your time with your business, your family and your involvement in this organization?

I am not sure if balance is the right word. LOL! I get up early, I stay up late, I am always a few minutes late to everything and spend tons of time looking for misplaced items. In between I love as much as I can, don’t take any moment for granted and enjoy every second of my journey. I put all my faith in God. I trust that he wont give me anything I can’t handle and he will supply all of my needs.

Please share your hopes and dreams for the future?

I know that we will find a cure. I have always felt that out of disaster comes courage and beauty and honor. When natural disasters happen, people that would have never come together become bonded. People help in ways they would have never thought they could. So I believe that a cure for breast cancer will happen. I trust God to take care of it in his time. I know that my commitment to this cause is to create bonds and relationships and motivate and inspired. That is what I plan to do until a cure is found.

How can others get involved and support your cause? What are your upcoming fundraisers/events?

I do have a great event coming up September 15 in Woodbridge, Va. It’s a Cupcake Challenge for the Cure. What better way to celebrate life than to eat cupcakes!
Cupcake Challenge for the Cure
September 15, 2012 11am-4pm
Freedom High School, Woodbridge Va

Amateur, pro, team, and youth are all welcome to show off their baking skills. Not a baker, no worries we are accepting professional cupcake eaters too.

Cupcake Challenge for the Cure was designed to celebrate life and defeat breast cancer. Prince William County was chosen as a target community by Susan G. Komen, due to the alarming statistics about breast cancer prevention and care. Forever A Pear is a walking team that participates in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day 60 Mile. Funds raised will benefit Susan G. Komen 3 Day.

Life is meant to be celebrated, no matter what we have to face, if we remember to be grateful for the little things, we can overcome anything. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate life, then to do it with cupcakes! Each member of the Walking team is responsible for raising a minimum of $2300. “Donations are always accepted,” Visit Susan G. Komen to donate! There is still time to become a vendor or baker, contact Forever A Pear at or visit their website at

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