Loved Disney On Ice, But Kicking Myself for Rookie Mom Mistake

I rocked and paced the nearly deserted vendor area with my squirming 18-month-old in my arms. Rookie move. Why did I think bringing the baby to a 7 pm show of Disney on Ice: Rockin’ Ever After was an okay idea? I should have trusted my instincts and hired a babysitter instead of just taking a chance. But, here I was a little past the halfway mark of the show listening to Merida from Brave arguing with her mother about not wanting to get married from the hallway outside the seating area of the Patriot Center.

Then the music from Beauty and Beast started and I began to get antsy. I really wanted to watch not just listen to the show. Belle is my favorite princess. Yes, I have a favorite Disney princess. Actually, I love them all about as much as my kids, but every time I tried to head into the seating area, my precious and oh so annoyingly smart daughter would yell “NO” repeatedly until I stepped back toward the vendor area.

She was done. So this means I was done and growing ridiculously jealous of my five and six-year-old who got to enjoy the second-half of the show with their father – uninterrupted. I wanted to trade places with my hubby, but it was too late. I was committed to dealing with a very cranky child and scolding myself for bringing her in the first place.

At least I was able to enjoy the first half and witness Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid show off her amazing athleticism. I also loved how cute Rapunzel from Tangled was in her segment. The kids also really enjoyed seeing Mickey and Minnie. Even the baby was pointing and smiling at the characters in awe (that is until she hit her wall).

As I sat in my minivan and the baby slept in her car seat, I began thinking about signing the kids up for ice skating lessons. My daydream was interrupted when my other kids and husband excitedly jumped into the car exclaiming how amazing the Beauty and the Beast portion of the show was. They loved how lightning hit Gaston and how the room went dark and the Beast magically transformed into the Prince. My husband even raved about Gaston’s ice skating ability, but caught my glare and quickly changed the subject. Smart man.

If you have a chance to catch the show, I highly recommend it, but leave your two-and-under kids home. Or you might miss the grand finale like me and kick yourself.

Have you ever been forced to sit and wait in the car with your baby before? I think we’ve all been there, but I should have known better. Oh well. Join the discussion on the Tiny Steps Mommy Facebook page.

You can get your ticket through Ticket Master. I believe there are still seats available.

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  1. Yes, my husband and I brought our two kids ages 5 and 3 to a wine festival this year because we had free tickets. There was one moon bounce located far away from the tasting areas. Basically all we did was get the kids a snack and we got to taste one wine each. There were no other kids there and after lots of meltdowns, we ended up leaving.

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