Introducing ‘A Start-Up Story’ Featuring UngcrediBOWS

I come from a family of small business owners. My maternal grandfather owned hardware stores in New York and in Puerto Rico, my paternal grandmother owned a beauty salon before many women did such a thing, and my paternal grandfather ran a corner bodega with his brother in the Bronx. All believed in forging their own futures through hard work, sweat and tears. They were their own bosses and worked six sometimes seven-days-a-week to build their businesses from nothing. All sacrificed and believed in the value of creating something tangible – a business.

So it is no surprise that I inherited this entrepreneurial spirit. I am always thinking of business ideas. I am always imagining ways to create something from nothing. My daycare business, which I started after my second son was born in 2006, is extremely successful and has grown to full capacity. I have a waiting list and have to turn down prospective clients regularly. I am blessed, but I am also cursed because I now know that returning to a corporate environment with a boss, a long commute, and a desk with a leash would be nearly impossible – not because I couldn’t get hired again, but because I would not choose that life for myself.

There is a certain pride that comes from knowing I can make a good living from a business I created. It is a wonderful acknowledgement that risk is worth the reward. This is how I feel about my writing. For a while now I have been writing to fulfill my soul and to share my heart through my words. I did not begin to want more until recently. In part, this was because it took time to realize that my writing could lead to an actual income. It took sitting down with an extremely insightful life/business coach named Jasmyn Price of Little Foxes Consulting to make a few realizations. For some reason I had to be told that Tiny Steps Mommy is more than a blog. It is a brand. It is the business of me. It can and should be looked at like a business. She reminded me that I had once built a business from nothing. That I already had all the tools I needed. I just needed to change my perspective.

She is right. I can turn my passion for writing into a business if I so choose. I can build an empire… the world is for mine for the taking… okay I’m being dramatic. The point is, if you have a dream or a passion there is always a way to grow it into something that produces revenue. You just have to decide if this is what you want to do and then you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN. I know many artists who never sell their form of art for fear of interfering with the purity of the work. I also know others who will do anything for a dollar. I think I am somewhere in the middle.

It would be amazing to make money and grow a business from my love of writing. It is a goal. I want to publish a book (preferably with a book deal and advance… for all those publishers reading this right now), but I will never compromise my words or my heart for a quick buck. I also do not want to toss aside the business I have already painstakingly established (so to my daycare parents who may be reading this – you have nothing to fear).

I admire anyone who takes that leap and decides to start their own business. If you are thinking about starting something, please know I BELIEVE IN YOU. Whether you are a crafter who starts an Etsy shop, a consultant who desires to go off on his/her own, a storefront business owner, a service provider, or a blogger with dreams of making an income from your words I applaud you for taking a risk.

And to show that it is possible, I am starting a new series to highlight small business owners in the beginning stages of launching their dreams.

For my first Start-Up Story feature, I would like to introduce you to Cherry Sancho Ung, who is a stay-at-home mom to three young children – two boys and a girl. Shortly after her daughter was born six months ago, Cherry began making hair bows to hold back her daughter’s thick hair.

What started off as a hobby for Cherry turned into UngcrediBOWs, handmade one-of-a-kind premium hair bows. Please read my interview with Cherry and find out how you can win three bows.

Tiny Steps Mommy: Why did you start making bows?

Cherry: I started making bows about 3 months ago when my family and I were celebrating my daughter’s monthly birthday (Filipino tradition during the first year of a child). This started out as having the demand and necessity to keep my daughter’s hair off her eyes and face. Then it became a hobby. I started experimenting with making hair bows, using left over ribbon scraps we had at home. I then found myself going to Joanne fabrics, Michael’s and other craft stores looking for every color and style of ribbons to match my daughter’s outfits.

Tiny Steps Mommy: How and why did you launch your business?

Cherry: One day my aunt came over and saw about 20+ ribbons I had made in different styles and suggested that I sell these cute creations. I was like “no way, who would buy them?” Then I visited and saw that there was indeed a demand for them! That was when the idea of possibly taking this hair bow hobby into a full-on business venture. But, of course I didn’t know how or where to start. I was consulting a few church friends of mine about this big idea I had and started playing around with the possibilities. Then one day I came across your blog and post about your experience with Femworking. I think I needed to see this to give myself the right push to launch the business I had been daydreaming about for weeks. Now I’m trying to learn the social media aspects of being a momprenuer.

Check out Cherry’s line of handmade hair bows:

UngrediBOWS on Facebook

UngrediBOWS on Etsy

Enter to win three hair bows from Cherry’s Taylor Collection. This giveaway ends July 25, 2013. Winners will be announced on the Tiny Steps Mommy Facebook page and via e-mail.

Winner of the giveaway will receive three Taylor Collection Hair Bows - Not necessarily the ones pictured here.

Winner of the giveaway will receive three Taylor Collection Hair Bows – Not necessarily the ones pictured here.

Enter here:
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Disclaimer: Cherry is a Tiny Steps Mommy reader and joined Femworking, a membership-based networking group for small businesses and bloggers, after reading my blog post. I belong to Femworking and decided to feature her in my first Start-Up Story. She did gift me with a couple of bows for my girls, but I did not receive compensation for doing this giveaway.

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Nicole Dash is a writer, blogger and business owner who lives in the suburbs outside Washington, DC with her husband and four children. She started her career as a journalist and copy editor. She also managed public relations and corporate communications for a national franchise company, but in 2006 started a child care business. In 2012, she launched Tiny Steps Mommy, a lifestyle and parenting blog that quickly gained a following and connected her to an expansive group of women-owned businesses. In 2013, she started a digital marketing consulting business that focused on growing community in an authentic way. Through those connections she was inspired to open Play, Work or Dash, a coworking space that also offers onsite childcare up to three hours per day. It is where like-minded professionals pursue their business goals with the extra level of support parents desire; a place where you "bring your kids to work." She is an active member of the Washington, DC blogger community. She has been published on The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Mamalode and Pop Sugar.




  1. Forgot to mention in my post above how stellar UngcrediBOWS quality is. The one I gave to my neighbor was received very well! Cant wait to give the other one to my girlfriends birthday girl! Good luck to the people that enter 🙂

  2. Great post. Cherry Sancho Ungcredibows are beautiful and very great quality:].