A Start-Up Story: Chris Tyre’s Passion for Nerium International

Have you ever been in awe of how strongly someone believes in something? So much so that you simply had to find out what is igniting that passion? Well this was the case for me about a friend from high school who was passionately and enthusiastically sharing on Facebook about a new business and product called Nerium International.

Chris Tyre is someone I respect, so when he told me about Nerium International I listened with great intent. I also decided to try the product for myself. What I discovered is that Chris is not just trying to sell a skin care product. He is sharing something pretty amazing. After one day, I could feel a difference. After a week other people started to notice and my skin was smoother simply by applying the product onto my face before going to sleep. I liked it so much I seriously considered selling it myself for a time.

Other than the product itself, Nerium International is a fast-growing relationship marketing company. The day and night cream products are selling simply through word of mouth and person-to-person sales.

I love Chris’ commitment to Nerium and to growing his business, which is why I decided to feature him in today’s Start-Up Story. After you read more about Chris, please enter the giveaway to win your own bottle of Nerium’s night cream. It retails at $110.

Here is a Start-Up Story Featuring Chris Tyre of Nerium International:

nerium-2bottleQuestion: What is your business and how long have you been in business? What was your inspiration?

I am Independent Senior Brand Partner In Nerium International. I work in the beauty industry, specifically in Anti-Aging Skin Care. I have been in business for approx. seven months.

My inspiration, I would have to say was two-fold. The first part was seeing friends around me who had tried their hands at opening their own businesses and the new-found happiness that came along with it. (Not saying that it is not work..) The second would be, the ability to help people. I think as humans, we have a responsibility to each other and I feel like we have forgotten this along the way. I want people to feel like there are still people out there who want the best life possible for everyone they encounter.

Question: What made you decide to start your business?

I feel that everyone in life at some point wants to work for themselves. It is the comfort of knowing that you don’t have a boss to report to or the fact that you can set your own hours. If I am being completely honest, I was tired of working multiple jobs in order to provide the income that I needed in order to take care of my family. I was tired of others telling me what my time was worth.

Question: What were you doing before starting this venture?

LOL, if you name it….I have done it. That’s not me being funny. Just being honest. I current still have a day job, I run my business on a part-time basis. I am a Personal Trainer full-time and I run my home-based business part time.

Question: How long did you have the idea to start your own business before actually taking the leap?

It took me about a year to actually commit to such an undertaking. I always thought that I didn’t have time or that I wouldn’t be successful. It was all those things that we tell ourselves when we are afraid to make a change in our lives.

Question: What was your biggest hurdle/struggle to overcome when first starting?

Time Management by far. I think when people feel as though they don’t have enough time in their day or they don’t complete as many tasks as they should, they feel as though they can’t take on any more. Sometimes people feel as though they have failed before they even begin because the tasks seem so daunting.

Learn how to manage your time, I promise, there is way more of it than you think you have.

Question: What is your best advice to someone thinking of starting a business?

DO IT. There used to be an old beer commercial that said, “why ask why?” You are going to fail and that is okay, because that means you tried. There will come a point when you will look failure in the face and laugh because you are no longer afraid of it!! So DO IT!!

Question: What does the future for your business look like?

The future of my business looks amazing, I have been able in the past few months to travel more than I have in the past 10 years, I am going to be able spend more time with my family and I get to help people do the exact same.

Question: How do you measure success?

One day at a time.

Question: How Can People Connect with You?




E-mail: cb.tyre@gmail.com

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*Disclosure: I was not compensated for this giveaway or article. Chris Tyre is my friend and I have tried the product myself. I am not guaranteeing results, I am simply sharing something I tried and liked.


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  1. Sounds like a great business and product (who isn’t interested in anti-aging products?!)