Please Help Shower Mathias Giordano With Love

There are some people who take root in my heart. Sometimes these people are complete strangers and yet I somehow find myself emotionally invested. I read every social media post, article and update related to their journey. I study their pictures. I donate to their cause. I think of them often and I look for ways to show my support.

I am not sure why some stories impact me more than others, but over the years there have a been more than a few. Right now, the person taking residence in my heart is Mathias Giordano, a 13-year-old Leesburg, Va., boy who is battling cancer. If you have been part of my Facebook community, then you know that I talk of him often, even though I have never met him or his family.

Photo Credit: The Truth 365

Photo Credit: The Truth 365

I was going to write about Mathias, but I thought it would be better to read what his mother Roya Giordano wrote on their Team Mathias Facebook page.

Mathias Giordano is a 13 year old boy in Leesburg who was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, cancer of the bone, in July of 2012. Over the past 28 months, he has endured biopsies, port placement, 30+ rounds of high dose chemo, 3 major lung surgeries, an amputation of his right leg below the knee, and 27 rounds of radiation. Not to mention a few clinical trials.

Needless to say, Mathias is a strong warrior who has fought with so much grace and dignity. His courage and spirit inspire everyone who is lucky enough to meet him. His smile lights up the room and his positive outlook is truly amazing.

Mathias continues to battle the ugly beast of cancer with poise. Taking one day at a time and trying to live life at its fullest. While he is fighting for his life he is determined to make a difference and spread awareness for pediatric cancer in our community. He wants people to know that kids get cancer too and that they can’t fight alone.He also knows that not every child who is battling is lucky enough to have the love and support of their family or friends. Here is a story to prove my point :

About one year into his treatment, he met an other boy (about his age) at the hospital who’s mom couldn’t t be there during his treatments and the dad was not around. Mathias felt so guilty about the amount of support that he had.

That night when we came home from the hospital, he said mom: I have have been given too many gifts and need to share them with my new friend as he NEEDS these more than I do. He has nothing or no one to kill the time with at the hospital, he must be so bored.
So he simply packed up a big box of toys, books, activities, movies, brain teasers, gift cards and asked me to take him back to the hospital the next day. At the time he was in a wheelchair, but I remember him rolling into this kids room with a huge smile on his face, he was so happy and so proud to share all that love with his new friend. I actually just stood in the hallway and couldn’t stop crying.

Cancer may have stopped him from having a normal childhood, but cancer can’t change who he is as a person and it most certainly can not define this young man. He is the author of his journey, not cancer. We are so proud of him.

When I recently read the devastating news that Mathias had reached the end of his treatment options, my heart broke for him and his family. I am praying for Mathias, his mother Roya, father Chris and his little brother Troy each and every day.

People are being asked to show their support of Mathias by sending him cards and messages of love. The Prosthetic Care Facility of VA has offered to donate $1 for each card delivered up to $5000 to a charity of Mathias’ choice. Here is the original request for cards:

“Mathias needs to know that through this battle he is waging, that there are people who acknowledge his bravery. This battle is getting tougher and tougher for this warrior and he needs the world to embrace and lift him in their hearts and on their shoulders. Tell him and all the other children out there, they are NOT ALONE! Tell them while you can and before it too late.

I am asking you to send this little man a card that he can read and treasure. Will you do that? You can send it to:

Team Mathias
c/o Prosthetic Care Facility of VA
44115 Woodridge Parkway
Suite 180
Leesburg VA 20176

In honor of all the hard work Mathias and the Giordano Family has made to bring awareness to the struggle of Childhood Cancer. Our company will donate $1 for each card delivered to Mathias up to $5,000 to a charity Mathias deems worthy. Please help us make this donation and show Mathias and his awesome family the love of the world. Thank you Forever.”

Please help spread the word and let’s make sure he is showered with more than 5,000 cards and letters. I did this as a group activity with my daycare. Perhaps your girl scout group, church group or school can take this on as a worthwhile project for a true warrior. #TeamMathias12 #MathiasStrong


Taken only days ago... Mathias helps his younger brother Troy -- who is also an incredible warrior -- with his homework.

* Taken only days ago… Mathias helps his younger brother Troy, who is also an incredible warrior, with his homework.

*Photo is used with permission of Roya Giordano


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  1. Thank you so much for supporting the Giordano’s. Having known Chris and Roya before Mathias was a sparkle in both their eyes I can assure you if there was ever a family who should be surrounded by love during this time, its them. They truly are an amazing (funny, optimistic, honest, thoughtful) unit and my heart breaks for them too. The broken spots have been filled with something new and precious though. Through sharing their journey they have created so much good in so many people. Crazy how the world works. <3
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