Realistic Lunch Ideas for Kids: As Seen on Fox 5 DC

I love searching Pinterest for creative project ideas and recipes. What I don’t love are the over-the-top and unrealistic suggestions for parents. You know, the ones that make you feel like a slacker. Who has the time to turn sandwiches into lion faces everyday? I absolutely don’t. So, when I was asked to be on Fox 5 DC’s show Good Day DC to share lunch ideas for kids, I wanted to make sure I shared a variety of creative yet realistic lunch ideas for kids.

First, I stocked up on divided containers to make the preparation simple. I lucked out at the Target dollar bin and found a bunch of character-themed containers. But, you can order these EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers (affiliate link) on Amazon.

Then I put together a variety of nut-free ideas. There is no wrong way to do lunch. Anything works, from leftover pasta to meats and cheeses to hard-boiled eggs and even waffles. My best tip is enlist the kids to help. If you wash and prep some fruit, veggies and snacks, then they can easily choose what they want (with supervision) and place them in their boxes. Or you can make several boxes days in advance.

Realistic Lunch Ideas for Kids

Watch the segment to get all of my lunch ideas here:


PS – If you are having an off day or week, there is nothing wrong with allowing your kids to buy their lunch from school. I have been so grateful for this option many times.



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