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Spotlight on Inspirational Fiction Author Katie Morton

I've been talking about writing a book for a long time. In fact, I've started two. Two amazing books. Okay, I believe one or both would be amazing if I actually finished writing and then published at least one of them. For now, this is just an aspiration. A goal I will achieve... one day. For my friend and inspirational fiction author Katie Morton this is not just an aspiration, but an accomplishment. She has written not one, but two novels. Two interesting, unique, and fun novels which weave real theories in personal development with an engaging story line. Her novels -- Secrets of People with Extraordinary Willpower and the recently released Secrets of Successful People -- are part of a series that follow main character, Kelly Ryan, as she tries to achieve self-actualization. Kelly is flawed, sometimes outrageous, but also very real in her struggles and insecurities. Katie shared some insight into her unique "inspirational fiction" genre and her purpose behind writing these books. You can learn more about Katie at KatieMorton.com or purchase her books on Amazon, both are now on sale! Q: Combing fiction with a self-help book seems like such a unique idea. Did you model this new "inspirational fiction" genre after anyone? Did you always want to write a book like this? A: I got the idea to write self-help fiction when I was single, living in New York City, working at CNBC, and began writing my first novel in the early 2000’s. I felt tortured and angst-y at the time, and writing felt healing and soothing to me. (It still does.) The only problem at the time was that, as a young adult trying to navigate a tough career and dating landscape, I felt clueless and unevolved. Truthfully, I could barely help myself, let alone write a self-help book. So I wrote a novel that was a ‘good try’ in terms of basic chick lit for a 20-something audience, but it didn’t have that element of impactful wisdom that I wanted to be able to share with readers. So I never … [Read More...]

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It Finally Happened: No More Baby Gear and Gates

After an intense two-week purge of all remnants of my home daycare, which I officially closed in June, I realized quite suddenly that I was there — free of all traces of anything baby. No more baby gear and gates. No more high chairs or cribs. No more infant chew toys or baby saucers. No more baby […]

Manifest Success: Do Not Give in to Fear

“I will not give in to fear. I will not give in to fear.” This is the mantra that has taken hold within my head lately. As soon as I start to feel the talons of this emotion take grip, I close my eyes and begin to chant, “I will not give in to fear. […]

Putting Family First is Not a Professional Disadvantage

Life is not about what is simple. Life is not about what is easy. Life is instead about what happens between the simplicity, when you are tested and challenged. When you question everything you thought to be true. When you question whether or not you are worthy of the graces that surround you. I have […]

Turning an Idea Into a Mission: Announcing My New Business ‘Play, Work or Dash’

Have you ever had an idea that took hold and transformed from more than just an idea, but instead into a mission? A mission to create something completely new and different? A mission to solve a problem for others? Well, I have been walking around with one of those for quite some time now. And […]

My Simple Wish for Health and Happiness

“Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight.” Little N, my fiesty four-year-old, repeats this rhyme with her head tilted toward the night sky. She excitedly makes a wish on the first star she sees. She loudly says, “I wish I could go to […]

I Don’t Need Them to Remember

Today is the first day of school for my children. I love this day. It’s exciting yet nerve wracking. It is also the day I always document with the requisite first day of school photo, which I proudly share on Facebook and Instagram… and Twitter (okay on here too). I love that so many people also […]

Realistic Lunch Ideas for Kids: As Seen on Fox 5 DC

I love searching Pinterest for creative project ideas and recipes. What I don’t love are the over-the-top and unrealistic suggestions for parents. You know, the ones that make you feel like a slacker. Who has the time to turn sandwiches into lion faces everyday? I absolutely don’t. So, when I was asked to be on Fox […]

Mindfulness Can Save Your Child’s Life

We live in a fast-paced world. A world where deadlines, appointments, routines and the clock can rule our lives. The mornings can be especially difficult if you are a parent. We must ready ourselves and our little ones to face each day within a small window of time. We must fight traffic, drop off our […]

Put On Your Swimsuit This Summer- #MySwimSuitStyle

I love summertime. I love the beach. I love the pool. What I don’t love — actually what I have come to loathe —  is wearing a bathing suit. And I’m not talking about a bikini or even a tankini (which I gave up in my early 20s), just a regular full-coverage swimsuit (sometimes with a […]

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Single Mother of Three, Veteran from Loudoun County, VA Needs Help For Son

Single Mother of Three, Veteran from Loudoun County, VA Needs Help For Son

When my kids were infants I obsessed over how much they were eating and how well they were growing. [...]
Planting A Garden is Like Becoming a Mother

Planting A Garden is Like Becoming a Mother

This weekend I planted a garden. It's a small garden with a couple of vegetables and the kids' choic[...]
A Start-Up Story: Aditi Verma Hopes to Foster the Next Generation of Helpers

A Start-Up Story: Aditi Verma Hopes to Foster the Next Generation of Helpers

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the sa[...]
Perspective - The Best Mother's Day Gift

Perspective - The Best Mother's Day Gift

It is not often that I am stunned silent. But this is what happened after my nine-year-old son looke[...]