My Sunrise Above The Clouds

After flying for what seems a long time, I rub my eyes and catch the glint of red-orange peering through the horizon. The bright hues seem to sit on top of the billowy clouds. I sleepily think how beautiful the sunset is. Only to realize I already saw the sun slide away and vanish hours earlier. This is not a goodbye — rather a beginning. The beginning of a new day. In a new time zone across the ocean. It is only 12:30 am EST, but I am no longer home. I am transported over the clouds and into the beginning of my journey. My trip to Europe. My adventure and holiday with just my husband.

What a gift to witness this awakening of a new day. My sunrise above the clouds. My good morning over the wing of an airplane thousands of feet above the ground.

The sky lightens and the red-orange fades to a soft yellowish pink that blends into the blue above. The fluffs of clouds look like a soft blanket bunched up with peeks and valleys. The roar of the engine purrs, yet the solitude of my thoughts rage louder.

I am grateful and in awe. So I write with gratitude. I type these thoughts furiously on my iPhone and hope to capture this moment. My husband sleeps beside me, while I write and witness.

These are the pieces of time that must remain etched in our minds and hearts. We must remember these blessings. We must try to capture as many sunrises above the clouds as possible.


I am a Sports Mom

I Am A Sports Mom

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The Bouqs Company

Everyone Loves Flowers – #BOUQLOVE

I was given the opportunity to become an ambassador for a new online flower delivery service called The Bouqs Company! At first, I wondered if I wanted to do it or not, but then I remembered that everyone loves flowers. Flowers make me happy and remind me of new beginnings and Spring. So, I figured, why […]

Refuse to say sorry

I Refuse to Say Sorry

I am a strong, independent woman. I work hard and do not back away from controversy. I speak up for myself and never allow anyone to place me into an inferior role. I am smart and I feel like I carry myself with authority. Yet, I find myself apologizing for everything. You bump into me, “sorry.” I interrupt […]

Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk

We Honored Daddy at Zero Prostate Cancer Run/Walk

I have always looked forward to firsts. The first time I drove a car. The first time I saw my baby’s face. The first time I spent the night in my own house. But, not all firsts feel great. I am learning that some firsts really hurt. Like the first time you lose a parent […]

The Secret Quote

We ‘Deserve All Good Things Life Has to Offer’

It took a long time to understand that I deserve everything life has to offer. That I deserve love, happiness, AND to feel fulfilled. A part of me – a sometimes big part of me – thought that since I had love and children and a roof over my head and food on the table, that […]

Would Your Parenting Pass the Scrutiny of a Video Camera?

“To err is human; to forgive, divine” – Alexander Pope I think people need to remember that parents are human. We are going to make mistakes. We are not always going to make the right choices.  We will be distracted and our children will fall. We will leave a bag of candy within reach and they will eat themselves sick. We […]

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