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Awaken Your Voice

This is the 15th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge (I made it). I feel like I am on the cusp of a transformation. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon. I am growing and changing day by day. Truthfully, I do not know what I will look like when I emerge or how long this period […]

Choose to Remember Amazing over Absurd

I am re-sharing this piece I wrote in September as my 14th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Parenting is difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. What gets me through each day is deciding that I will only focus on the good moments and let the bad ones slide off my back. Maybe this is the key to […]

Finger Paint DIY Photo Canvas: A Tutorial

This is the 13th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Today, I am doing something completely different. I am sharing my first-ever DIY Tutorial. For Father’s Day my daycare kids created amazing gifts for their Dads. I loved how they turned out so much I had to share. The great thing about this DIY Photo Canvas project is you […]

Love is Kept Within Our Soul

This is the 12th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Sometimes it is through unexpected conversations with my children that I discover what I believe to be true. Instead of me guiding them, they are guiding me and solidifying my spiritual self. They give me perspective. They are pure of heart. They are what is […]

We Can All Be Angels

This is the 11th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. When someone we love is suffering it is easy to forget about the abundance of love and goodness still left in the world. It is easy to forget that we are not alone. That so many others are sharing the same pains, fears, and […]

My Bucket List Exposed

This is the 10th post in the 15-Day Challenge. Writing every day has been an amazing way to look inward and evaluate my priorities and feelings. I am starting to realize where I want to go with my future. I love my life and my family. I love that I am blessed to stay home […]

Everyone Needs Support and Gratitude

This is the ninth post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Sometimes it feels like we are living in a vacuum where no one notices who we are or what we are capable of accomplishing. Everyone has talents and abilities. Everyone is amazing in their own way, but not everyone receives recognition, appreciation or support. It […]

Learning to Say ‘No’

This is the seventh post in my 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Yesterday, I wrote about removing my mask and learning to be more vulnerable to expose my true self. The response was incredible. So, I wanted to write about a related issue – my inability to say no. Or more specifically, my inability to figure out when I […]

My Top Recommended Baby Products

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This is the fifth day in my 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. As a daycare provider and mother of four, I am constantly asked about the best products for babies. Parents ask me what brand of diaper to use, what kind of bottle is best, what wipes I recommend, and in […]

Leaders Versus Followers: Are We Really Born This Way?

This is day four in my 15-Day Blog Challenge. The other day after my 14-year-old son’s lacrosse game I sat in my car waiting to exit the parking lot. Off to the side of the parking lot the opposing team, which had lost in the semi-finals, were grabbing snacks off their tented team table. One boy caught […]