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‘Mommy, I Want to be Famous’

On Saturday morning I was mindlessly driving my seven-year-old daughter from her acting class to my nine-year-old son’s lacrosse game with the radio on when it happened. The moment I wish I could have avoided. If only I had been blaring music from my somewhat outdated and slightly embarrassing playlist instead of allowing my daughter to […]

Dreams Are Complicated

“When you were a little girl did you always dream of being a babysitter, um I mean daycare person?” My 7-year-old daughter asks on our drive to get frozen yogurt. A momentary lump in my throat forms as I search for the right words. Dreams are complicated. “I like taking care of children and babies, […]

Journey of a Girl Scout

On Saturday, I begrudgingly got dressed, pulled on the ugliest waterproof boots I own and prepared myself for a day of what I just knew was going to be misery. It was my daughter’s Girl Scouts Outdoor Skills Day and I had volunteered to tag along as one of the parent chaperons. When I volunteered […]

What Season of Parenting Are You In?

Parenting is a journey with seasons that fade and change with more of a whisper than a bang. You will spend days or weeks or months wondering if your baby will ever learn to sleep through the night and then several nights will pass without interruption. The season of late night feedings are over. You […]

My Beautiful Gift of Sunshine

I watch her pull the cord of the blinds and look into the sunshine with a smile. Her eyes flicker and a joyful expression takes over her face. “The sun will make you feel better Mommy,” my six-year-old daughter says as she proceeds to open the blinds on the second window in my bedroom. I […]

Love is Kept Within Our Soul

This is the 12th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Sometimes it is through unexpected conversations with my children that I discover what I believe to be true. Instead of me guiding them, they are guiding me and solidifying my spiritual self. They give me perspective. They are pure of heart. They are what is […]

A Mommy’s Touch

Editor’s Note: I originally wrote this piece a few months ago to be read out loud. It is very personal and emotional for me, which is why it took so long to share it here on Tiny Steps Mommy. I can’t think of a better day to share this love letter to my mother than […]

Planning a Last Minute Birthday Party

I had this nagging feeling I was forgetting something. Then it hit me like a ton of guilt-infused bricks. My little N was turning two in exactly one week and I hadn’t planned anything. I do not believe in hosting large parties for kids under three, but for all my other children I had at least thought […]

Tiny Steps Mommy Tales – Mean Girls: A Conversation with My Daughter About Bullying

Tiny Steps Mommy Tale Editor’s Note: Talking to your children about bullying is extremely important. I especially love Carin’s advice to teach our children that not everyone is going to want to be our friend and that this is okay. If you would like to contribute a Tiny Steps Mommy Tale, please e-mail to   Mean […]

Hoarding Baby Memories

I gingerly lift each item out of the box. My touch is gentle. I do not want to add a crease, leave a finger print, or disturb a memory. Each tiny outfit represents a first smile, a first laugh, a first meeting with a relative, a first outing to a playground, a milestone I can […]