A Motherhood Lesson in Vulnerability and Listening

The petite blond woman with long perfectly in place hair sat across from me in my still unfinished daycare space with her two tow-headed daughters in her arms. Her older daughter was 18 months old and her second daughter was only 12 weeks old. I was nervous because I needed to secure a couple of […]

Choose to Remember Amazing over Absurd

I am re-sharing this piece I wrote in September as my 14th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Parenting is difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. What gets me through each day is deciding that I will only focus on the good moments and let the bad ones slide off my back. Maybe this is the key to […]

Finger Paint DIY Photo Canvas: A Tutorial

This is the 13th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Today, I am doing something completely different. I am sharing my first-ever DIY Tutorial. For Father’s Day my daycare kids created amazing gifts for their Dads. I loved how they turned out so much I had to share. The great thing about this DIY Photo Canvas project is you […]

Leaders Versus Followers: Are We Really Born This Way?

This is day four in my 15-Day Blog Challenge. The other day after my 14-year-old son’s lacrosse game I sat in my car waiting to exit the parking lot. Off to the side of the parking lot the opposing team, which had lost in the semi-finals, were grabbing snacks off their tented team table. One boy caught […]

Never Be Embarrassed of Your Parenting or Your Child

Before you become a parent, you may visualize what it will be like to hold your baby. You may wonder what it will feel like to know that there is someone to love unconditionally. You may even imagine sweet hugs and tender kisses from your angelic cherub that you know you will accept no matter […]

Paper or Plastic? Why I Choose the Unpopular Choice

I try to avoid controversial topics with my blog posts. I have readers on both side of the aisle and I don’t like alienating anyone. But, I can’t keep silent any longer. I simply have to speak-up and admit to something that may be unpopular. Okay, here it goes… I like my groceries double bagged […]

The Secret to Talking With Children Revealed

One of my favorite parts of working with and caring for other people’s children is in the honesty of my conversations with the kids. I have written about the importance of talking to and listening to your children before. In fact, my post “Listen to Your Child, You May Be Amazed,” remains one of my […]

The Tiny Steps Mommy ‘Day in the Life’ Memo

On weekdays, mothers and fathers arrive at my house after battling to get their children ready and out the door to drop their kids off at my home-based daycare. When they get here I can see the conflict in their eyes. They hate saying goodbye, but they have to work and most have to prepare […]

Have You Filled Someone’s Love Bucket Today?

“Mommy, I love you so much,” my five-year-old daughter said sweetly with her big blue eyes gleaming. I was taken off guard, but before I could say anything in response she said, ” I just filled your bucket.” I smiled and said, “I love you too my beautiful girl. ” I wrapped my arms around […]

A Pledge to Prevent Heat Stroke Tragedy: Will You Take It?

Twenty-three children died and many more were injured this summer after being left unattended in a hot car, according to the National Highway Safety Administration (NTSA). Sometimes these heat stroke deaths and injuries occur when a child gets into an unlocked vehicle to play unbeknownst to the parent. Other times (54% according to KidsandCars.org) a […]