Learning to Say ‘No’

This is the seventh post in my 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Yesterday, I wrote about removing my mask and learning to be more vulnerable to expose my true self. The response was incredible. So, I wanted to write about a related issue – my inability to say no. Or more specifically, my inability to figure out when I […]

Hope in a Box: Lessons from Finland

This is day three in my 15-day Blog Challenge. An equal start in life. This is a phrase I have heard used many times before. Usually it is a whisper of a wish used to gain political traction for government-funded programs offering pre-natal care to low-income women or supplemental nutrition programs like Womens, Infants, and Children […]

Why Are We Over-Scheduling Children, Weekends?

This weekend my children participated in a combined six sporting events, a birthday party, and team pictures. And believe it or not that was the toned down version of what was originally planned. It was supposed to be seven sporting events, two sets of team pictures, and two birthday parties, but conflicts and a sick […]

Should Infants Control What They Eat? Thoughts on Baby-Led Weaning

How you raise your child is a personal choice. I am not usually judgemental. I hate the mommy wars. I hate when one group of mothers looks down on another. We are all doing the best we can and have different guiding principles, which determine everything from how we feed our children to the discipline […]

Violated From Across the Web: Credit Card Fraud is Not a Victim-Less Crime

Yesterday, I was violated. Some pathetic loser without any sense of right or wrong tried to steal from me and I am pissed. This person who cowardly hides behind the computer and takes from others did not touch me. This person did not enter my home or threaten my children. Yet, I was violated just […]