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Win A Full Year Enrollment at Language Stars

*Sponsored Post Last summer, I wrote about my wish to be bilingual and introduced Language Stars – a foreign language program for children ages 1-10 – to my readers. The response was really eye-opening. So many of you shared how important exposing your child to a second (or third) language is to your family. I heard from many […]

Local Camp For Preschoolers and Elementary-Aged Children Offers The Creative Difference

*Sponsored Post ALL children are born with a gift for creativity. And this can be seen in almost everything, from the way they use their imaginations  to the carefree way they move when you turn on music. This innate desire to experience the world is a vital part of a child’s development. As parents we […]

A Start-Up Story: Chris Tyre’s Passion for Nerium International

Have you ever been in awe of how strongly someone believes in something? So much so that you simply had to find out what is igniting that passion? Well this was the case for me about a friend from high school who was passionately and enthusiastically sharing on Facebook about a new business and product […]

A Start-Up Story: The Geller Law Group

For years I wanted to create a will and trust to make sure my family, but especially my children, were protected. I had drawn up a will using an online service, but I knew that this was not the best answer. For many years, I let this responsibility slide. Partly because it is not a […]

A Start-Up Story: Inventing the CozyWoggle

* Sponsored post and giveaway. Have you ever seen a problem and wished there was a product invented to help? Perhaps you even thought of the invention, but never took the time to pursue turning your idea into reality. Well, former teacher and mother to two Cherlyn Jenkins has done exactly that. She has turned her vision into […]

Introducing ‘A Start-Up Story’ Featuring UngcrediBOWS

I come from a family of small business owners. My maternal grandfather owned hardware stores in New York and in Puerto Rico, my paternal grandmother owned a beauty salon before many women did such a thing, and my paternal grandfather ran a corner bodega with his brother in the Bronx. All believed in forging their own futures through […]

Nominate Deserving Person for Free Photography Session, More Organizations Highlighted

In the spirit of giving to others, please take a moment to nominate a deserving person for a free photography session courtesy of Diana Bellack Photography. Diana was touched by the Give Back Mission and wants to pay it forward by offering someone  a one hour on-location session valued at $150 (20 high-resolution, lightly retouched […]

Tiny Steps Mommy’s Gratitude Giveaway

I never imagined when I started Tiny Steps Mommy in March 2012, that I would make so many new friends or build a community to share my thoughts, fears, and embarrassing moments. I am so grateful (as I wrote about in my previous post) that I decided to do a massive Gratitude Giveaway with the […]