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I’m Taking a Hint and Slowing Down to Avoid Burnout

Recently, I have been taking on a lot and working myself into the wee hours of the night. I have been glued to my phone or computer and juggling multiple jobs (yet only one is for pay). I’ve been pushing myself like never before. I am motivated and on a mission, which is great, but […]

Learn to See, Accept Your Perfectly Imperfect Child

I remember when my oldest son was placed into my arms for the first time. He was perfect. His bald head, little ears and those first signs of dimples took my breath away. I knew he would be the most wonderful, perfect little boy the world has ever seen. It wasn’t until I looked at the […]

Do You Pay Children for Chores?

“I’m sorry buddy, but parents aren’t perfect. No one is perfect. Haven’t you ever made a mistake before?” I asked my seven-year-old son who was standing outside the cracked door of my bathroom. “Oh yea.. well I’m going to be perfect when I grow up,” my seven-year-old son said while puffing out his chest. He […]

A Motherhood Lesson in Vulnerability and Listening

The petite blond woman with long perfectly in place hair sat across from me in my still unfinished daycare space with her two tow-headed daughters in her arms. Her older daughter was 18 months old and her second daughter was only 12 weeks old. I was nervous because I needed to secure a couple of […]

Never Be Embarrassed of Your Parenting or Your Child

Before you become a parent, you may visualize what it will be like to hold your baby. You may wonder what it will feel like to know that there is someone to love unconditionally. You may even imagine sweet hugs and tender kisses from your angelic cherub that you know you will accept no matter […]

Are You Using Fear in Parenting?

I do not like when fear is used as a form of control on children. Real life is scary enough, so to fill our children’s heads with stories of boogie men and bad guys seems cruel and unnecessary. Yet, as parents there is this fine line that is hard to balance. We want to protect […]

Do You Struggle to Gain Perspective?

We all have moments of doubt and fear. Doubts about whether or not we are on the right path. Fears that we aren’t doing enough – for our children, for ourselves, for our communities, for our families. I’m not ready to discuss every reason why yet, but this year has forever changed what I complain […]

My Perfectly Imperfect Weekend Adventures

Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends all year. It is the weekend my husband and I were married seven years ago. It is also the start of the summer, which is my favorite season. I love that the pool is open and I can count down with the children to the last […]