Bonding With My Teenage Son Via Milkshakes and Bad Pop Music

The beat of the music filled the car much louder than I normally prefer. But, I didn’t turn the sound down. I just let it fill the space around me and my 13-year-old who was silently lamenting his lacrosse team’s loss in the championship game of an intense full-day four-game tournament. The car smelled like […]

Brothers Bonding Over ‘Teef’

I always love when my sons, who are seven years apart, figure out a way to bond and relate to one another. It’s not always easy raising children with so many years between them. But, most recently I thank their teeth. Al is 13 and AD is 6, yet last week they had one thing […]

Do Your Children Save Their Best Worst Behavior For Home?

Is your child a terror at home, but a complete angel in public? Do you wonder why your child always devolves in a puddle after entering your house? Perhaps your child is a “House Devil, Street Angel.” Out of my four children, one is always testing my patience. For the first four years of his […]

So What If Your Son Wants to Wear a Princess Costume

My children love to dress-up in costumes day and night. The children in my daycare also love putting together creative costumes. I make it a point not to interfere in their creative process because it is so much fun watching them use their imaginations to create elaborate games based on the outfits they select. Over […]

My Son Learns to Ride a Bike, I Learn I’m a Hypocrite

Pedal, pedal, pedal fall. Pedal, pedal, pedal fall. For three days-in-a-row, I watch in amazement as my six-year-old AD tries to master riding his big boy bicycle without training wheels. After the first day, I didn’t think he would try again. AD shed many tears of frustration. He was hesitant, fearful, and his temper flared every time he hit […]

Hankering for Handstands

Have you ever admired the strength and precision of a handstand? It is the ultimate symbol of control and potency. Now imagine that same handstand over and over again in every room of your house and at all hours of the day and night. Imagine watching this handstand during dinner, in the middle of conversations […]