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Put On Your Swimsuit This Summer- #MySwimSuitStyle

I love summertime. I love the beach. I love the pool. What I don't love -- actually what I have come to loathe --  is wearing a bathing suit. And I'm not talking about a bikini or even a tankini (which I gave up in my early 20s), just a regular full-coverage swimsuit (sometimes with a skirt or pair of shorts). This is why it is ridiculously hilarious that I agreed to write this blog post and share a photo of me in my swimsuit. But, I suppose I can blame María José Ovalle of Very Busy Mamá for this one. She challenged me to put on my swimsuit, take a photo and write a post to promote self LOVE, not self loathing. Actually, she personally emailed me and asked. And if you know her, she is not someone to say no to -- especially when you realize how brave and passionate she is about promoting self love. I am at my largest non-pregnant weight right now. I have cellulite, stretch marks, lots of curves, and many imperfections. I could list off a lot of things that I would "fix." But, I am me and this HAS to be enough. Being me is not so terrible. In fact, being me IS BEAUTIFUL because beauty is not about the exterior. This doesn't mean I'm not trying to get to a healthier version of me, but it means I have to accept where I am at this moment. I have to embrace myself. And apparently, I'm supposed to share a photo of me to do it. So, please don't make me do this alone. Help spread this message of self love. Put on your swimsuit this summer. Take off your cover-up. And embrace where you are right now. Time passes too quickly to wait until you feel ready. Children grow too fast to worry about how you look while your kids are begging you to join them in the pool or in the sand. And if you are feeling extra bold, please share a photo of yourself on social media and use the hashtag #MySwimSuitStyle.   P.S. - This is the most terrifying post and photo I have ever shared. Vanity is one of those really tricky things. I believe in self love and in this message, but it … [Read More...]

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When my kids were infants I obsessed over how much they were eating and how well they were growing. Were they progressing along the growth chart? Were they eating enough? Were they gaining the right amount of weight? Then they reached toddlerhood and for the most part I stopped worrying about their food intake. I […]

planting a garden is like becoming a mommy - @tinystepsmommy #momblog

Planting A Garden is Like Becoming a Mother

This weekend I planted a garden. It’s a small garden with a couple of vegetables and the kids’ choice of watermelon. I spent hours digging up a little corner of our yard to create this space. I have no idea if I’m going to successfully grow anything, but I’m feeling proud of myself. I find myself […]


A Start-Up Story: Aditi Verma Hopes to Foster the Next Generation of Helpers

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.” ― Mother Teresa  As an adult I have found one universal truth – offering your hand to help others […]

Best Mother's Day Gift

Perspective – The Best Mother’s Day Gift

It is not often that I am stunned silent. But this is what happened after my nine-year-old son looked into my eyes and awed me with his response to the news that I would not be moving my home-based daycare to a new location like we previously thought. I expected him to be upset because the kids […]



Sometimes disappointment feels like a physical punch to the gut. A reminder that not everything happens the way you want or plan. I first experienced this feeling when I was seven-years-old and my parents sat me down to tell me that they wouldn’t be living together anymore. No one asked me what I thought because […]

We end up where we are meant to be - @TinystepsMommy

Do We End Up Exactly Where We Are Meant to Be?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how we end up doing what we do. Do we set our own course in life, or does life set its course for us? Is there a larger calling for each of us, or do we just fall into doing something out of necessity? And is it possible that regardless of our plans […]

Mommy, I want to be famous - @tinystepsmommy

‘Mommy, I Want to be Famous’

On Saturday morning I was mindlessly driving my seven-year-old daughter from her acting class to my nine-year-old son’s lacrosse game with the radio on when it happened. The moment I wish I could have avoided. If only I had been blaring music from my somewhat outdated and slightly embarrassing playlist instead of allowing my daughter to […]

It's My Job to Remember - even if my children can't. @tinystepsmommy

It’s My Job to Remember

I wrote this post nearly two years ago and nothing has changed. I want to remember. I want to cling to so many precious moments. It’s not always easy to do, but I try my best and am grateful for my blog. Even if you don’t want to share your memories with others, it’s incredible […]

Faith is like love - @tinystepsmommy

Breaking My Silence: Why I Believe Faith is Like Love

“Why aren’t you writing? I want to see you on the computer writing again.” This may be the most romantic thing my husband has ever said. He knows how much I need to write. He understands how not writing weighs on me. More importantly, he believes in me. So, today I am going to break my […]

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The Impetus for Change is Compassion - #1000Speak

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In Dreams You Are Always Close

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