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I Will Always Remember Daddy

In Dreams You Are Always Close

It is has been a year since we said goodbye. A year without your Hawaiian shirts in the summer and brown sweaters in the winter. A year without your cheesy jokes and your sometimes inappropriately timed sense of humor. A year without your advice and support. My car broke down and I cried because who else would help me now? I shopped in the card section and ran out because I found one I knew you would love. I felt your absence at every holiday and birthday. I comforted my children and fought back ugly tears as they wrote letters to Santa asking to bring you back… just one more time. It has been a year of only seeing you in dreams. Knowing you are okay, but missing you just the same. A year of dreams shared by all of us who love you. We swap stories of you eating favorite foods, sipping espresso on the streets of Paris, holding our hand, and just being in the periphery of our otherwise common dreams. You visit us often, but it doesn’t always feel enough. It doesn’t feel fair. It has been a year since we said goodbye and held you … [Read More...]

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Darkness vs light - A battle of wills

Darkness VS Light: A Battle of Wills

From the time I was 6 months old, I had a preference for light. As my mother recalls, I would cry in my crib until she flipped on my clown lamp. I was hooked early and spent years sleeping with my overhead light on. Even now as an adult, I use a nightlight to sleep. […]

Change is a choice @tinystepsmommy

Why Does Anyone Make a Choice to Change?

“So what makes you unhappy?” It’s a question that stopped me in my tracks. Am I really unhappy? Or just wishing to improve certain aspects of my life? Can you desire change without being miserable? I pondered this for days. Why does anyone make a choice to change? Is it jealousy, fear, anger, sadness, discontentment… […]

You have to have trust and faith when building a relationship with a daycare provider. @tinystepsmommy

Faith and Trust: Building a Relationship With Your Home Daycare Provider

When I started Tiny Steps Mommy nearly three years ago, I would write about my kids or about issues related to running a daycare. Over the years, I have stopped writing about my experiences as a daycare owner/provider. I hardly even mention this part of my life in my writing anymore. Some people have asked me […]

there is nothing like life long friends @tinystepsmommy

I am Grateful for Lifelong Friends

Friendships that persevere are not necessarily the most perfect ones. Sometimes you can’t even pinpoint why they make sense, but they do. Truth be told, my inner circle of close friends is pretty small. I have dear friends that will always take residence in my heart, but because of distance and circumstance have moved away from my daily […]

Change Starts Within Our HEart

Change Starts Within Our Heart

On Monday, I declared 2015 the year of change. It’s what I wish for all of us. The ability to not only dream or want, but to take action and reach our goals – from the small and seemingly trivial to the large and boundless. But, change — all change — has to start within our heart and not within our mind. […]

2015 IS THE YEAR of CHANGE (1)

We Can Make 2015 The Year of Change

It’s the first Monday of 2015 and I am ready to focus on making changes – big and small. 2015 is going to be THE year of change for all of us. I can feel it. It’s the year we stop talking (or writing) about what we want to happen. Instead, it’s the year we make the […]

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When Bad Things Happen to Children

When Bad Things Happen to Children

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Tiny Steps Mommy's Thanksgiving Ideas as Shared with Fox 5 DC's Morning News Show - Good Day DC

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