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We end up where we are meant to be - @TinystepsMommy

Do We End Up Exactly Where We Are Meant to Be?

Lately, I've been thinking about how we end up doing what we do. Do we set our own course in life, or does life set its course for us? Is there a larger calling for each of us, or do we just fall into doing something out of necessity? And is it possible that regardless of our plans or intentions, we end up exactly where we are meant to be? At the end of third grade I was awarded a blue ribbon for a poem I wrote about emerging as a butterfly. While I can't remember my words, I do remember feeling a surge of pride and accomplishment seeing it printed in my elementary school literary magazine. I decided in that very moment that I would one day become a writer. I knew at eight what I wanted "to be" when I grew up. I was certain of my path. I simply knew I was going to publish a book or become a poet or a journalist. As I grew up I kept this focus and determination. I wrote poems, song lyrics, and stories. I joined my middle and then high school newspapers. I interned at every opportunity and worked tirelessly at my college newspaper - rising to editor-in-chief. I was going to be a writer. In between all of this writing, I worked with children to make an income. I was a nanny, a daycare assistant, a babysitter, a tutor, a substitute teacher and I took education classes in college because I enjoyed it so much. Working with children was always what came naturally to me. I loved being around kids and I understood I was good at this too. But, this wasn't what I had chosen for myself. It's not what my eight-year-old self declared she wanted "to be." Also, my mother was a teacher and I wanted to set my own course. I didn't want to do what she did. So, I pushed this out of my realm of possibility. I believed I was in charge of my own destiny. After college I pursued my first professional job at a newspaper. I loved the energy of the newsroom. I enjoyed the late night deadlines and the freedom to hop in my car and drive to an interview. I was only writing about the local real … [Read More...]

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Mommy, I want to be famous - @tinystepsmommy

‘Mommy, I Want to be Famous’

On Saturday morning I was mindlessly driving my seven-year-old daughter from her acting class to my nine-year-old son’s lacrosse game with the radio on when it happened. The moment I wish I could have avoided. If only I had been blaring music from my somewhat outdated and slightly embarrassing playlist instead of allowing my daughter to […]

It's My Job to Remember - even if my children can't. @tinystepsmommy

It’s My Job to Remember

I wrote this post nearly two years ago and nothing has changed. I want to remember. I want to cling to so many precious moments. It’s not always easy to do, but I try my best and am grateful for my blog. Even if you don’t want to share your memories with others, it’s incredible […]

Faith is like love - @tinystepsmommy

Breaking My Silence: Why I Believe Faith is Like Love

“Why aren’t you writing? I want to see you on the computer writing again.” This may be the most romantic thing my husband has ever said. He knows how much I need to write. He understands how not writing weighs on me. More importantly, he believes in me. So, today I am going to break my […]

impetus for change is compassion. #1000voices @tinystepsmommy

The Impetus for Change is Compassion – #1000Speak

Sometimes when I read about the suffering of others, especially the suffering of children, my stomach turns ever so slightly. Emotions begin to creep in — sadness, discomfort, guilt, frustration, fear. My heart palpitates and my mind wanders. So, I take a deep breath and try to focus on the people right in front of […]

This is Marriage - @TinystepsMommy

This Is Marriage

The greenish-blue hue of the cheaply made hair net matches his eyes. The blankets cover his body and the IV bag hangs behind him. He is about to be wheeled into surgery – a minor foot surgery to remove a broken sesamoid bone which has caused pain for nearly two years. I hold my breath […]

Baby Fever is Real @Tinystepsmommy

Baby Fever Is Real – Help Me Shut It Down

Baby fever is real. It’s a scientifically proven feeling that can creep in from time to time. In my late twenties and early thirties, it was all I could think about. I wanted a big family. I wanted to surround myself with little ones and absorb all of their baby cuteness. I didn’t care about […]

I Will Always Remember Daddy

In Dreams You Are Always Close

It is has been a year since we said goodbye. A year without your Hawaiian shirts in the summer and brown sweaters in the winter. A year without your cheesy jokes and your sometimes inappropriately timed sense of humor. A year without your advice and support. My car broke down and I cried because who else would […]

Darkness vs light - A battle of wills

Darkness VS Light: A Battle of Wills

From the time I was 6 months old, I had a preference for light. As my mother recalls, I would cry in my crib until she flipped on my clown lamp. I was hooked early and spent years sleeping with my overhead light on. Even now as an adult, I use a nightlight to sleep. […]

Change is a choice @tinystepsmommy

Why Does Anyone Make a Choice to Change?

“So what makes you unhappy?” It’s a question that stopped me in my tracks. Am I really unhappy? Or just wishing to improve certain aspects of my life? Can you desire change without being miserable? I pondered this for days. Why does anyone make a choice to change? Is it jealousy, fear, anger, sadness, discontentment… […]

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Faith and Trust: Building a Relationship With Your Home Daycare Provider

Faith and Trust: Building a Relationship With Your Home Daycare Provider

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I am Grateful for Lifelong Friends

I am Grateful for Lifelong Friends

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Change Starts Within Our Heart

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We Can Make 2015 The Year of Change

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