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Sometimes I Run Away

When I’m stressed, I like to run away. Hours away… to the farm, the beach, the city, the mountains. Okay, I don’t actually physically run away, but mentally I am there. I will obsessively envision a new life. A “do over” in a completely different place. I start to research homes and schools and crime […]

Are you striking a balance with the loves of your life?

Love is one of those indescribable intangibles. It’s more than a feeling, but an instinct. A connection with someone outside of yourself that can transcend time and space. A devotion and faith in the idea that your emotions are intrinsically intertwined with someone else’s emotions and feelings. Love is not always about specific relationships, but […]

Learning to Say ‘No’

This is the seventh post in my 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Yesterday, I wrote about removing my mask and learning to be more vulnerable to expose my true self. The response was incredible. So, I wanted to write about a related issue – my inability to say no. Or more specifically, my inability to figure out when I […]