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Do You Pay Children for Chores?

“I’m sorry buddy, but parents aren’t perfect. No one is perfect. Haven’t you ever made a mistake before?” I asked my seven-year-old son who was standing outside the cracked door of my bathroom. “Oh yea.. well I’m going to be perfect when I grow up,” my seven-year-old son said while puffing out his chest. He […]

Tiny Steps Mommy Tale – Even Toddlers Can Learn to Help Around the House

Tiny Steps Mommy Tale Editor’s Note: I am thrilled that Marcia from the blog Finding Felicity agreed to write a guest blog post. Marcia’s advice is invaluable. Often parents wait too long to introduce the concept of chores or helping around the house. Young kids love having a job.  Do you give your children chores or […]

Thoroughly Modern Mommy

  “When I grow up the Daddy is going to do the dishes. I’m not going to do anything but sit on the couch,” my nearly five-year-old sometimes feisty daughter yelled in the middle of our regularly scheduled morning battle over getting dressed. Usually, I’m pretty good at handling her temper and deflecting her outbursts, […]