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Making My Dreams to Become an Author Come True

I am going to publish a book. There I finally said it. I put it out into the universe and just made myself accountable not only to all of you, but to myself. I have always been a writer, but I want to become an author. I want to tap into my soul and share […]

How is Your Business Karma?

“What’s in it for me?” I appreciate and respect a person who knows his or her own worth. I also think it is admirable for a person to be ambitious and crave success. We ALL deserve to be recognized and compensated for our time and energy. And I have learned that in business, the person who has […]

I Can’t Help It, I’m a Gusher

I have always been super cheesy. I love bad pop music, romantic movies, long walks on the beach, karaoke, wearing frilly dresses, and am super excited to place my recently acquired “My Child is an Honor Student” bumper sticker to the back of my mini-van (which I drive with pride). I do not know how to play […]

Finding the Community I Never Knew I Wanted

I started Tiny Steps Mommy alone in front of my computer, but I discovered that no one can do anything alone and be successful. We all need support. We all need a community. And I am so thrilled to be part of a community of local women who understand, guide, and teach me everyday. I was […]