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Do Your Children Save Their Best Worst Behavior For Home?

Is your child a terror at home, but a complete angel in public? Do you wonder why your child always devolves in a puddle after entering your house? Perhaps your child is a “House Devil, Street Angel.” Out of my four children, one is always testing my patience. For the first four years of his […]

Finding the Community I Never Knew I Wanted

I started Tiny Steps Mommy alone in front of my computer, but I discovered that no one can do anything alone and be successful. We all need support. We all need a community. And I am so thrilled to be part of a community of local women who understand, guide, and teach me everyday. I was […]

Announcing the Super Mom Contest Winner

After a week of nominations, K Photography and Tiny Steps Mommy are pleased to announce the winner of the free photo shoot for the Super Moms series. Mothers in the Washington, DC area were nominated by friends, sons, daughters, neighbors, and extended family to take part in the Super Mom photography series and calendar. The […]

So What If Your Son Wants to Wear a Princess Costume

My children love to dress-up in costumes day and night. The children in my daycare also love putting together creative costumes. I make it a point not to interfere in their creative process because it is so much fun watching them use their imaginations to create elaborate games based on the outfits they select. Over […]

Listen to Your Child, You May Be Amazed

Everyday, I am immersed in a world ruled by young children. The children in my daycare range in age from infants to preschoolers. If there is one thing I have learned, it is never underestimate the profound things that come out of the mouth of these children. Your toddler or young preschooler may not talk in […]

Don’t Let Your Child’s Goodbye Drama Ruin Your Day

Nothing can ruin a morning commute like a tearful and torturous goodbye with your child. Of course the question is, who is really more tortured, the parent or child? I am willing to bet that Mommy or Daddy is the one holding on to the emotions resulting from a terrible goodbye. In my experience, the […]

My Story

I want to thank Claudine Cox Klurp, one of the founders of DC Metro Mom, for asking me to introduce myself to the DC Metro Mom readers. I was probably more personal and honest in telling my story than required, but it felt right. I have come a long way and am extremely proud of the life […]

Advice for Breastfeeding Moms Looking For Daycare

Many nursing mothers worry about finding a child care provider that supports their decision to breastfeed. On DC Metro Mom, I created a list of tips for parents searching for quality and supportive daycare. I also share some of the wisdom I have learned from the amazing mothers I am in contact with daily. The first “truth” I share is: 1.) Nursing is […]

My Best Advice If Your Child is Sick

If you are not sure when to keep your child home from school or daycare, I have put together some tips for parents on DC Metro Mom. I am offering parents my best advice as a daycare provider to help keep your child as healthy as possible. Having children in daycare means potentially missing a […]

It Takes A Village to Raise A Child – Don’t Be Ashamed

Today on DC Metro Mom, I added to the Mommy Wars debate by asking why mothers with nannies, or with children in daycare, are ashamed to admit they have help raising their children. It takes a village to raise a child and there is nothing wrong with depending on help – whether you work outside […]