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Cookies, Crackers, Cheetos… What Is Your Child Eating for Lunch?

I need to start this post by declaring that I am NOT a food snob. I do not judge anyone for choosing regular milk over organic. I am a realist. Sometimes fast food is a must. Sometimes it’s a take-out chinese or delivery pizza night. Other times, a pre-made rotisserie chicken is considered gourmet. I […]

Overprotective or Paranoid: How Do You Feel About Strangers Touching Your Child?

My children are beautiful. I say this unabashedly. I know everyone may think this, but it is the truth. Strangers stop me all the time to compliment their eyes and fawn over their smiles. Baby N has the lethal combination of being cute and a social butterfly. She smiles and waves to anyone who will […]

Moms Who Give Back: Spotlight on Denise Stern

Tiny Steps Mommy is pleased to introduce “Moms Who  Give Back,” a series of interviews with mothers balancing raising families with giving back to either their community or to causes close to their hearts. Some of these women are also running businesses and/or working full-time. The first spotlight is on Denise Stern, Agency Director of Let […]

Anyone Else Wish Their Kids Would Stay Little Forever?

Right before I send my children off to school each year, I feel a sense of dread. Not because I think they will do poorly in school, or be unhappy, but because with each year I sense a loss of connection to what they are doing each day. I know their pulling away and becoming […]