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Nothing Sexier Than A Supportive Partner

I recently wrote about the intense program I am doing at my gym three-days-a-week. I wrote about how sore I feel – all the time. About how motivated I am. About how I am learning to make my health a priority. What I didn’t write about is how fortunate I am to have a strong support system. I am only […]

My Son Learns to Ride a Bike, I Learn I’m a Hypocrite

Pedal, pedal, pedal fall. Pedal, pedal, pedal fall. For three days-in-a-row, I watch in amazement as my six-year-old AD tries to master riding his big boy bicycle without training wheels. After the first day, I didn’t think he would try again. AD shed many tears of frustration. He was hesitant, fearful, and his temper flared every time he hit […]

Eavesdropping On The Kids… We All Do It

I have to admit, I like to eavesdrop. It’s like people watching, but better. I enjoy listening to other people’s conversations at restaurants, during sporting events, at bars, at parties, etc. A friend recently blogged about listening to the most ridiculous conversation between some loud-mouthed twenty-somethings at a Starbucks and I was relieved to know that I’m […]

The Gift of a Grandparent

She squeezed our hand and started to open her eyes. She blinked silently and seemed to look from person to person. There was an excitement in this very small achievement. My sister, mother and I cheered her on and we all lovingly rubbed her arms and legs. My mother looked into my Abuelita’s (grandma in […]

All Parents Suck (Sometimes)

Have you ever been embarrassed by your child’s screams in a crowded restaurant or store? Did you ever sink to bribery, or hollow threats in order to get a little cooperation? Did jealousy creep in when a friend’s child the same age or younger did something your child still hasn’t mastered? Have you ever bought […]