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The Impetus for Change is Compassion – #1000Speak

Sometimes when I read about the suffering of others, especially the suffering of children, my stomach turns ever so slightly. Emotions begin to creep in — sadness, discomfort, guilt, frustration, fear. My heart palpitates and my mind wanders. So, I take a deep breath and try to focus on the people right in front of […]

Give Back Mission: Reston, Va. Single Mom and Two Children Lose Everything in Fire

On December 10, 2013, a Reston, Va., single mother and her two children ages 8 and 9 lost their home, car and every possession in a fire. They walked away unharmed with just the clothes on their back. Since then friends have been scrambling to find them a place to live. They are blessed to […]

WE Can Give Back and Make an Impact Because There is ALWAYS a Way to Help Others

For a long time I naively believed that hard work and determination could overcome anything. I’m learning the hard way that some things are out of my hands. They are out of all our hands. There is so much I cannot control. I have watched the progression of my Stepdad’s Cancer slowly take him off […]

Day Five: Give Back Mission to Express Gratitude

Today is the fifth day of my mission to spread kindness and help others. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read: Join My Give Back Mission to Spread Kindness and Say Thank You. During the course of the week, I have spoken to some incredible people. People who have devoted their […]