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The Dandelion Seed Waits With Hope

The billowy fluffs float on the breath of my little girl’s secret wishes. I watch her spread the dandelion seeds and smile. Who decided these were weeds anyway? I love dandelions. They are vibrant and stand alone until it’s time to change into impossibly soft wisps.  Then they wait until the wind slowly carries them […]

Autumn is the Season of Hope

This weekend as I drove to the store with my three youngest children in tow, I noticed for the first time all season how vivid and amazing the trees looked. The varying hues of red, orange and yellow took my breath away, so I spontaneously pulled the car over and took the children on a […]

Find Peace in Light of the Moon

Last week I allowed myself to revel in the wonder of crashing waves, sand and sea air. I shared a beautiful house on the ocean with my husband, children, parents, sisters and their significant others. The 13 of us played games, laughed, relaxed, took in the glory of the Supermoon on our deck overlooking the ocean and watched the […]

Hope in a Box: Lessons from Finland

This is day three in my 15-day Blog Challenge. An equal start in life. This is a phrase I have heard used many times before. Usually it is a whisper of a wish used to gain political traction for government-funded programs offering pre-natal care to low-income women or supplemental nutrition programs like Womens, Infants, and Children […]

The Gift of a Grandparent

She squeezed our hand and started to open her eyes. She blinked silently and seemed to look from person to person. There was an excitement in this very small achievement. My sister, mother and I cheered her on and we all lovingly rubbed her arms and legs. My mother looked into my Abuelita’s (grandma in […]