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This Is Marriage

The greenish-blue hue of the cheaply made hair net matches his eyes. The blankets cover his body and the IV bag hangs behind him. He is about to be wheeled into surgery – a minor foot surgery to remove a broken sesamoid bone which has caused pain for nearly two years. I hold my breath […]

My Adventures in Parenting Solo This Weekend

My husband went out-of-town this weekend to visit his brother in California. It was actually a surprise birthday present from me. When I purchased the tickets I thought, he is so amazing he deserves some time away. I thought, he loves visiting his brother and it has been two years. I also thought, four nights […]

9 Reasons I love My Marriage and Husband

Nine years ago I stood in a hotel room looking out the window onto a courtyard. I watched as employees set-up chairs in rows one-by-one. The sky was a piercing blue and the temperature was warm, yet breezy. My hair was perfectly coiffed and my make-up was shimmering. I was ready. The most important people […]

Nothing Sexier Than A Supportive Partner

I recently wrote about the intense program I am doing at my gym three-days-a-week. I wrote about how sore I feel – all the time. About how motivated I am. About how I am learning to make my health a priority. What I didn’t write about is how fortunate I am to have a strong support system. I am only […]

Overprotective or Paranoid: How Do You Feel About Strangers Touching Your Child?

My children are beautiful. I say this unabashedly. I know everyone may think this, but it is the truth. Strangers stop me all the time to compliment their eyes and fawn over their smiles. Baby N has the lethal combination of being cute and a social butterfly. She smiles and waves to anyone who will […]

Yes, I’m a Fantasy Football Wife (Part 2)

This blog post is Part 2 in a two-part series. A little more than a week ago I confessed to being a Fantasy Football Wife (FFW) and the response was incredible. The sisterhood of FFWs is real and it is growing by the day. Just yesterday, I checked Google Analytics and was interested to see […]

Yes, I’m a Fantasy Football Wife (Part 1)

This blog post is Part 1 in a two-part series. Yes, I’m a Fantasy Football Wife (FFW). There should be support groups for us. The wives of real football players get to reap the benefits of a sport that dominates every weekend and holiday from August until February. Those wives get to live in multi-million […]

Learning to Stop the Clock With a Weekend Away

This weekend I did something I haven’t done in a really long time – years in fact. I hopped on a plane alone and spent the weekend away from my children and my husband just to get away (yes, you can judge me but I know it’s just the jealousy talking). The truth is I […]

My Perfectly Imperfect Weekend Adventures

Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite weekends all year. It is the weekend my husband and I were married seven years ago. It is also the start of the summer, which is my favorite season. I love that the pool is open and I can count down with the children to the last […]