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The Team That Believed – An Essay of Love From a Lacrosse Parent

Over the weekend, I stepped onto hot metal bleachers only miles from my home, took a deep breath, and settled in for the longest, yet fastest game of my more than seven-year run as a proud lacrosse parent. My emotions soared on an indescribable roller coaster ride that culminated in an incredible victory during the Virginia 6A Boys […]

I Am A Sports Mom

I am a sports Mom. I thought I knew what this meant. I was comfortable with my role. Register your child. Drive your child to practices and games. Cheer for your child without jeering the other coaches (even if you want to sometimes). Devote many hours every weekend to your child’s activities. Buy snacks and drinks. Refill […]

Tiny Steps Mommy Tales: You’re Just Not the Athletic Type

Guest Blog Post Editor’s Note: This touched me because my son is also an extreme lacrosse player and as we have moved up the ranks in youth athletics, I have had to come to grips with the high-level of competition within the travel leagues. To these kids, sports are everything. As parents, it is important […]