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We ‘Deserve All Good Things Life Has to Offer’

It took a long time to understand that I deserve everything life has to offer. That I deserve love, happiness, AND to feel fulfilled. A part of me – a sometimes big part of me – thought that since I had love and children and a roof over my head and food on the table, that […]

It’s Not Enough to Hear the Warning Noises, You Have to Listen

Have you ever noticed the noises that accompany imminent failure? The squeak of your brakes. The rattle in your attic fan. The loud buzzing in your refrigerator. These noises usually start without warning, but almost always indicate something is wrong. Like mechanical shouts in your face, these sounds want and need your attention. Did you […]

Teach Your Kids to Win and Lose

The moment I opened the gate to the backyard I knew I was in trouble. My three older children took off in search of their eggs and the gloves came off. The 13-year-old, who loves to antagonize his little brother, shouted and laughed maniacally, “I’m going to get them all.” AD, the six-year-old, screamed his brother’s […]