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Never Be Embarrassed of Your Parenting or Your Child

Before you become a parent, you may visualize what it will be like to hold your baby. You may wonder what it will feel like to know that there is someone to love unconditionally. You may even imagine sweet hugs and tender kisses from your angelic cherub that you know you will accept no matter […]

Don’t Let Your Child’s Goodbye Drama Ruin Your Day

Nothing can ruin a morning commute like a tearful and torturous goodbye with your child. Of course the question is, who is really more tortured, the parent or child? I am willing to bet that Mommy or Daddy is the one holding on to the emotions resulting from a terrible goodbye. In my experience, the […]

Speak Out Against Authority Figures Abusing and Bullying Children

I hate tantrums and disobedience. I don’t know about you, but when one of my children, or one of the children I care for in my daycare, says no and then collapses onto the floor while screaming and convulsing, I have to walk away. Sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out. Sometimes I just […]