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Faith and Trust: Building a Relationship With Your Home Daycare Provider

When I started Tiny Steps Mommy nearly three years ago, I would write about my kids or about issues related to running a daycare. Over the years, I have stopped writing about my experiences as a daycare owner/provider. I hardly even mention this part of my life in my writing anymore. Some people have asked me […]

We Can Make 2015 The Year of Change

It’s the first Monday of 2015 and I am ready to focus on making changes – big and small. 2015 is going to be THE year of change for all of us. I can feel it. It’s the year we stop talking (or writing) about what we want to happen. Instead, it’s the year we make the […]

Reader Spotlight: Turning The Tables

<<< Click here to read previous Reader Spotlights Okay, I promised that I would turn the tables on myself and here you go! I have answered my own questions and tried to share my challenges, my passion and my inspiration! If you want to learn more about me, you can read a post I wrote […]

Tiny Steps Mommy Celebrates 2nd Anniversary, Introduces Reader Spotlight Series

I started Tiny Steps Mommy two years ago with a cute post about my children climbing into bed with me at night. I didn’t know what I was doing or even why. I only knew that I NEEDED to write again. I NEEDED an outlet and a way to discover what I was passionate about […]

2013: A Year in Review – Reminisce With Me

While I do not want this post to be filled with a bunch of end-of-year clichés, I am struggling to find a way to mark the end of 2013 without some mention of time going too fast or plans for the year ahead. So, I’ll just do the other cliché thing and make a couple […]

Blogging With My Authentic Voice

Yesterday, I ran into an old acquaintance and we began chatting about what we are doing and I mentioned that I have been writing. She wanted to know what I write and I said, “I have a blog.” She politely smiled and gave me a “how nice” response. It wasn’t quite condescending, but I could […]

A 15-Day Blog Challenge: Searching for Brilliance

When I started Tiny Steps Mommy nearly 15 months ago, I didn’t know that I would become “a blogger.” I just wanted to write and have a creative outlet for myself. But, it seemed that once I started writing and people starting reading, I couldn’t get enough. I was writing three new blog posts a […]

Why Are We Over-Scheduling Children, Weekends?

This weekend my children participated in a combined six sporting events, a birthday party, and team pictures. And believe it or not that was the toned down version of what was originally planned. It was supposed to be seven sporting events, two sets of team pictures, and two birthday parties, but conflicts and a sick […]

Hoarding Baby Memories

I gingerly lift each item out of the box. My touch is gentle. I do not want to add a crease, leave a finger print, or disturb a memory. Each tiny outfit represents a first smile, a first laugh, a first meeting with a relative, a first outing to a playground, a milestone I can […]

Should Infants Control What They Eat? Thoughts on Baby-Led Weaning

How you raise your child is a personal choice. I am not usually judgemental. I hate the mommy wars. I hate when one group of mothers looks down on another. We are all doing the best we can and have different guiding principles, which determine everything from how we feed our children to the discipline […]