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A Mommy’s Touch

Editor’s Note: I originally wrote this piece a few months ago to be read out loud. It is very personal and emotional for me, which is why it took so long to share it here on Tiny Steps Mommy. I can’t think of a better day to share this love letter to my mother than […]

Why Are We Over-Scheduling Children, Weekends?

This weekend my children participated in a combined six sporting events, a birthday party, and team pictures. And believe it or not that was the toned down version of what was originally planned. It was supposed to be seven sporting events, two sets of team pictures, and two birthday parties, but conflicts and a sick […]

Tiny Steps Mommy Tales – Mean Girls: A Conversation with My Daughter About Bullying

Tiny Steps Mommy Tale Editor’s Note: Talking to your children about bullying is extremely important. I especially love Carin’s advice to teach our children that not everyone is going to want to be our friend and that this is okay. If you would like to contribute a Tiny Steps Mommy Tale, please e-mail to   Mean […]

Hoarding Baby Memories

I gingerly lift each item out of the box. My touch is gentle. I do not want to add a crease, leave a finger print, or disturb a memory. Each tiny outfit represents a first smile, a first laugh, a first meeting with a relative, a first outing to a playground, a milestone I can […]

Trust Your Instincts to Protect Your Children From Predators

I am a fiercely protective Mama bear. I insist on holding my children’s hands when we cross the street. I keep my eyes on my children at all times in public places. I do not like them to play in the front yard without an adult present and my younger children have never had a […]

Day Four: Give Back Mission to Express Gratitude

Today is the fourth day of my mission to spread kindness and help others. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, please read: Join My Give Back Mission to Spread Kindness and Say Thank You. For the fourth day, I am highlighting an organization that I have supported in the past because I completely believe in […]

Should Infants Control What They Eat? Thoughts on Baby-Led Weaning

How you raise your child is a personal choice. I am not usually judgemental. I hate the mommy wars. I hate when one group of mothers looks down on another. We are all doing the best we can and have different guiding principles, which determine everything from how we feed our children to the discipline […]

Are You Using Fear in Parenting?

I do not like when fear is used as a form of control on children. Real life is scary enough, so to fill our children’s heads with stories of boogie men and bad guys seems cruel and unnecessary. Yet, as parents there is this fine line that is hard to balance. We want to protect […]

Paper or Plastic? Why I Choose the Unpopular Choice

I try to avoid controversial topics with my blog posts. I have readers on both side of the aisle and I don’t like alienating anyone. But, I can’t keep silent any longer. I simply have to speak-up and admit to something that may be unpopular. Okay, here it goes… I like my groceries double bagged […]

Tiny Steps Mommy Tales: A Heart Breaks in Brooklyn

  Tiny Steps Mommy Tale Editor’s Note: This is the first in the Tiny Steps Mommy Tales series written by real parents. I chose to run this post first since it is a story close to my heart. The writer is my mother and I was the kindergartener. I was only five-years-old, but I remember […]