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Choose to Remember Amazing over Absurd

I am re-sharing this piece I wrote in September as my 14th post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Parenting is difficult and sometimes seemingly impossible. What gets me through each day is deciding that I will only focus on the good moments and let the bad ones slide off my back. Maybe this is the key to […]

Vote for My Blog… Please

I have stooped to a new low. I am begging for votes like some American Idol wannabe singer on TV. I never thought this would be me, but here I am writing a blog post, putting status updates on Facebook and tweeting “Vote For Me” a couple of times a day. So, why am I […]

Why Being a Mother is a Gift (aka Doesn’t Suck)

Every once in a while, when you least expect it, you are reminded why being a mother is a gift (aka doesn’t suck). I was rubbing my neck trying to steal a few minutes at the computer after a very long day of sitting outside on a freezing windy field to watch my oldest son […]

Mom-to-Mom: Your Parenting, Childcare Questions Answered – Letting Go of The Bottle

Mom-to-Mom is a regular series offering real-life driven answers to your real questions about parenting and childcare. Please send me your questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Also, please feel free to comment and add your own advice. We can all benefit from helping each other. #MomtoMom Q: My 18-month-old […]

Do You Struggle to Gain Perspective?

We all have moments of doubt and fear. Doubts about whether or not we are on the right path. Fears that we aren’t doing enough – for our children, for ourselves, for our communities, for our families. I’m not ready to discuss every reason why yet, but this year has forever changed what I complain […]

Loved Disney On Ice, But Kicking Myself for Rookie Mom Mistake

I rocked and paced the nearly deserted vendor area with my squirming 18-month-old in my arms. Rookie move. Why did I think bringing the baby to a 7 pm show of Disney on Ice: Rockin’ Ever After was an okay idea? I should have trusted my instincts and hired a babysitter instead of just taking […]

Moms Who Give Back: Kirstin Wardrick Sponsors, Supports Needy Children in Haiti

Kirstin Wardrick of Annandale, Va., is a professional photographer and mother to two young children. Kirstin is featured as a “Mom Who Gives Back” because of her advocacy, support and dedication to the children of Haiti as part of her involvement in His Hands Support Ministries. Just this month she travelled to Haiti, as she does as often as possible, to volunteer her time and energy […]

Nothing Sexier Than A Supportive Partner

I recently wrote about the intense program I am doing at my gym three-days-a-week. I wrote about how sore I feel – all the time. About how motivated I am. About how I am learning to make my health a priority. What I didn’t write about is how fortunate I am to have a strong support system. I am only […]

Ladybug Girl, Disney Princesses and Scooby Doo – Giveaways Galore

I am excited to announce three new giveaways all designed to put a smile on the face of your little ones, whether it be your human child or four-legged baby. Please enter them all for a chance to win some great prizes, from a Ladybug Girl book in honor of Jumpstart’s Read for the Record, […]

Committing to Me, Discovering I’m Not Superwoman

For the last week my arms have been too heavy and sore to even type. My brain and body have shut down out of pure exhaustion by 10 pm each night. I am singularly focused and obsessed with my latest mission. Me. I turn 35-years-old in 36 days (not that I’m counting) and I think […]