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I Refuse to Say Sorry

I am a strong, independent woman. I work hard and do not back away from controversy. I speak up for myself and never allow anyone to place me into an inferior role. I am smart and I feel like I carry myself with authority. Yet, I find myself apologizing for everything. You bump into me, “sorry.” I interrupt […]

Everyone Needs Support and Gratitude

This is the ninth post in the 15-Day Blog Writing Challenge. Sometimes it feels like we are living in a vacuum where no one notices who we are or what we are capable of accomplishing. Everyone has talents and abilities. Everyone is amazing in their own way, but not everyone receives recognition, appreciation or support. It […]

Committing to Me, Discovering I’m Not Superwoman

For the last week my arms have been too heavy and sore to even type. My brain and body have shut down out of pure exhaustion by 10 pm each night. I am singularly focused and obsessed with my latest mission. Me. I turn 35-years-old in 36 days (not that I’m counting) and I think […]

Yes, I’m a Fantasy Football Wife (Part 1)

This blog post is Part 1 in a two-part series. Yes, I’m a Fantasy Football Wife (FFW). There should be support groups for us. The wives of real football players get to reap the benefits of a sport that dominates every weekend and holiday from August until February. Those wives get to live in multi-million […]

Some Pregnant Women Still Can’t Ask Their Boss for Water

During my last two pregnancies I was extremely fortunate to be my own boss. You may think this means I didn’t need to work at full capacity, but it is actually the opposite. I run a home-based daycare which is open 52.5 hours a week, so I work a minimum of 60 hours-a-week if you […]

Finding the Community I Never Knew I Wanted

I started Tiny Steps Mommy alone in front of my computer, but I discovered that no one can do anything alone and be successful. We all need support. We all need a community. And I am so thrilled to be part of a community of local women who understand, guide, and teach me everyday. I was […]

Thoroughly Modern Mommy

  “When I grow up the Daddy is going to do the dishes. I’m not going to do anything but sit on the couch,” my nearly five-year-old sometimes feisty daughter yelled in the middle of our regularly scheduled morning battle over getting dressed. Usually, I’m pretty good at handling her temper and deflecting her outbursts, […]